Enjoying Usenet through Newshosting

Enjoying Usenet through Newshosting

Newshosting is one of the popular Usenet service with many users since its inception.  It encourages its subscribers to share content on any topic for discussion with no limitation on the type of topic or content. It is like saying your piece as you want it or giving a piece of your mind if you are really hot about a particular topic or concern.

Statistics of Newshosting

Newshosting is proven to be popular with its thousands of subscribers with accessibility to over 107,000 newsgroups. This comes with over 450 retention days of binary text. There are 60 connections which you can enjoy depending on the hosting plan you choose from Newshosting which has servers situated in Europe and U.S.

Newshosting has a solid backbone network connecting to Savvis and Level 3 Networks for a smooth and fast throughput as well as download. There is also direct peer network offered with over 8000 broadband global ISPs.

Newshosting uses the high standard of SSL encryption that comes in 256 bits for a high security and privacy of files and data to its Usenet subscribers.

Future Enhancements

Newshosting is innovative to enhance its services to its subscribers for a more definite Usenet experience. It is in the midst of setting up a special learning center for new Usenet users who are not familiar with Usenet but want a fun and interesting experience with an easy-to-learn online tutorial.

This online tutorial from Newshosting is set to benefit more individuals to Usenet while encouraging more to join the crowd. There is so much information that is accessible via Usenet which many have no idea of until they come into Usenet.

There will be effective spam protection filters to ensure security and safety against destructive and spam data. This online service would be made available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German to serve the international online users.

This enhancement will move Newshosting to a higher level of Usenet service providers on the Web with its current 200 terabytes of space.

There will be more variety of Usenet plans to suit the different users and their budgets. Usenet plans can be as low as $ 10 monthly to a higher range of $ 155 and more depending on the number of accounts and feature offerings.

Newshosting will also offer the best of customer support on a 24/7 basis to answer all your questions either online or through emails. There is also a free trial service which you can enjoy to check out the dynamism of the usenet environment through Newshosting.

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