help with usenet/newgroup/nbz/mime?

Question by yehey m: help with usenet/newgroup/nbz/mime?
Hi I was using GrabIt with my account on xusenet server to download “alt.binaries.aoi” I sucessfully downloaded some pictures and movie files however some of the picture file turns into txt. How can I convert them to picture? GrabIt can’t convert them properly.

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Answer by Tweeter & the MonkeyMan
when grabbing files off a NNTP news server, they are commonly converted to a Text / mime format. It makes them larger – usually – but this format is accepted by most news servers , where others like jpeg, pdf, and other image formats would not work.

the conversion process isn’t fool – proof, and the upload process.. the indexing, then you downloading.. all could introduce errors. If you have a multi-part message, then you should make sure all the parts are there before trying to convert.
Many of the better uploaders will use a check file or at least a MD5 hash so you can verify the contents of the file have not been corrupted. There are many types out there.
Basically – it is extra information. Once all the data files are collected, the data is processed and compared with the check file or digest hash.. if they match, your file is the same file that was uploaded.
— That doesn’t mean the original file wasn’t damaged. If the person doing this cares enough to send check info, they probably did verify it, but nothing is certain.
— If the file data does not match the check data; your file has been changed from the original upload. There is little you can do unless the extra data also contains repair info.

How to convert them properly is unique to each encoded file. They could be UU-encoded, or any of dozens of formats. Check the information about the file, and see about manually decoding any file you have trouble with.

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