What is an email service I can use to message thousands of people at a time?

Question by Everything Happens to Be Purple: What is an email service I can use to message thousands of people at a time?
I also need to be able to use BCC. Something like Constant Contact.
It’s not spam.
What’s the link for using Usenet as an email service?
Well yeah, but I don’t know how to use it…your explanation is rather lacking…

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Answer by fallibledragon
Usenet. Bear in mind that sending spam could get you disconnected from the internet, and is illegal now in most developed countries. The people who run networks do NOT joke about that stuff.

“The link for usenet as an email service”, since you ask, is that the usenet system is essentially identical to the one for mail, except that it’s designed for broadcasting to many people at once.

Regarding how to use it… you didn’t ask that (and still haven’t). Try specifically asking for the help you need in a positive way instead of rejecting things negatively and hoping people will be kind enough to help.

That said, it’s a lot like a web forum, only global instead of tied to one site.

1. You install a usenet client or use a Usenet website, just like you install an email client or use an email website.

2. Just like with an email client needing your email server details, a usenet client will need usenet server details. Good ISPs will provide this server. If not, you can google “open nttp servers”, or buy a usenet service from somewhere like giganews.

3. You get (refresh) a list of groups (forums) from the Usenet server.

4. You choose which groups you want to subscribe to from the list.

5. You read, reply to and post messages in the forums just like they were messages in your mailbox in an email program, but everyone interested can see the same messages. You can also email people from your usenet program usually, if you want to break out of the public discussion into a private one.

And you don’t need BCC for it, because, by definition, it’s broadcast to anyone interested, not sent to specific people.

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