10 Best Solid Colognes That Smell Great (And Women Love)

A classic cologne can be great, right?

That is of course until you find yourself looking like a diva in the locker room spraying on your favorite musky or brisk smell…

Or worse, when you are getting ready to board a flight and the lovely TSA agent named Thad just swiped your favorite bottle because it didn’t adhere to the 3.0oz threshold.

Well, good news!

All of those problems disappear when you use some of the best solid colognes on the market.

There was a reasons that the Egyptians loved this stuff thousands of years ago – it’s discrete and effective.

The 10 Best Solid Colognes Reviewed

1. Duke Cannon Solid Cologne

Duke Cannon Men's Solid Cologne, 1.5 oz - Land...
Nothing says “extra manly” like Duke Cannon’s “Redwood” scented solid cologne. This fragrance is all about strength and raw power; invigorating scents of sandalwood and clove create the ultimate musk that is easily spread with just your fingers.

Along with “Redwood”, Duke Cannon has also released the scents “Open Skies” and “Naval Supremacy”, all of which harness the sheer forces of nature and compact them into a tight wax slab that you can then use at your leisure.

“Redwood” in particular captures the balance between delicate fragrance and aggressive musk, resulting in a pleasurable twist of the two.

The cologne is delightfully robust, and the sandalwood is a perfect pairing to the citrus and clove. It is all around a wonderful, long lasting scent that is sure to please everyone around you.

This cologne is made with certified organic ingredients, pulled right from nature and then infused into the wax for a well-rounded experience right on your skin.

Coconut and sunflower oil are added to the beeswax to hold the fragrance, plus both oils are used in skin care products. Orange and clove bud essential oils are added to create a complementary scent of citrus and musk, leaving you smelling like a fresh forest.

This cologne sports a label that looks like it came from the ‘50s for that nostalgic look, and is all-American.

The product is made in America for hard-working men who want a fragrance that works as hard as you do.

Plus, when you purchase a Duke Cannon Solid Cologne, a portion of the proceeds go to benefit U.S. veterans. Do some good while smelling good at the same time!

2. Inis’ Energy of the Sea

Inis the Energy of the Sea Solid Cologne, 0.17...
A solid cologne that lasts all day is hard to come by, but Inis’ Energy of the Sea does just that. It comes in a sophisticated small glass cube that looks great.

The product is made in Ireland, and utilizes fresh ingredients from the land of the lucky. While the size is much smaller than other commercially available colognes, you do not need a lot to last you through the entire day.

The highly concentrated solution only requires a small dab on your wrists, neck or pressure points to pull you through a whole workday.

Energy of the Sea uses all natural ingredients from Ireland, and is never tested on animals. The result is an extremely concentrated solid cologne that works as hard as you do, but keeps you fresh throughout the day.

The only drawback to this product is that it is a minuscule 0.17 fluid ounces, compared to many other solid colognes that clock in at 0.5 to 1 oz.

Despite this, Inis has created a high quality product that is long lasting and cruelty free. Men and women alike can enjoy the clean notes the ingredients offer this neat little package.

3. Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne

Ireland Tweed Solid Cologne by The Beer Soap...
If you are looking for a fresh scent reminiscent of an Irish spring, Ireland Tweed is exactly that. This cologne from The Beer Soap Company is a mix of incredible ingredients with a whole lot of staying power.

Unlike other competitors, the wax used as the base is candelilla wax, not beeswax, so it is a little harder than most, but still easily spreadable.

It is also a completely vegan product, using ingredients such as sandalwood, oakmoss, and ambergris. Lemon verbena scent is added to help round out the scent profile, but also acts as a re-energizer for long days at the office.

The tin contains 1 oz. of product, and is lightweight and easy to carry wherever you need to freshen up. Which should not be too often, as the fragrance is observed to last for a few hours. Great for wearing through the morning as a rejuvenator.

The fresh, zesty scent of Ireland Tweed is a must have if you are looking for a refreshing cologne that is not too powerful on the nostrils, but still adds to your day to day routine.

4. NZ Fusion Solid Cologne

NZ Fusion Botanicals Australian Sandalwood Solid...
NZ Fusion Solid Cologne mixes the best sea and land down under. Fusion adds real sandalwood harvested from Western Australia as a unique twist to their cologne, making it different from those that simply use essential oil.

The resulting mixture is a warm, buttery scent that is equal parts delicate and suggestive.

The base of this fragrance is centered around a woody aroma, like a sawmill that churns out pure masculinity. While this cologne is not as aggressive as others, it is a scent that prefers to be discovered, rather than announced.

This fragrance has over eight hours of lasting power with just one application, so it’s perfect for all day wear with just a little dab of fragrance.

The wood tones carry well throughout the air, but it’s not an overpowering scent – it is akin to passing by a pile of fresh wood shavings on a summer day.

Sandalwood can come across as a very overpowering scent, and care should be taken when applying this product so as to not overwhelm your own natural flavor. When care is taken, Fusion is a very pleasant with a whole lot of staying power.

The one thing to remember with this product is you don’t want to use too much.

Too much wax in one application can leave you smelling like a sawmill, and that can be overpowering. Glide your fingers over the tin to pick up a small amount of the fragrance, then apply where you normally would put cologne; ears, neck, wrists, wherever.

Easy to apply, easy to wear, and for a price that is virtually unbeatable, NZ Fusion gives you the best value cologne for your money.

5. O’Douds Solid Cologne

O'Douds - Natural Solid Cologne (Heritage &...
For men who desire a milder scent, O’Douds Solid Cologne is perfect for everyday wear. This product comes in two distinct scents: Tobacco Rum and Heritage.

For a deeper and more robust scent, Tobacco Rum has you covered. It is the more adventurous fragrance of the two, featuring an earthy and robust mixture offset by the spicy hints of aged rum. The scent is subtle, but strong enough to last for hours.

Heritage, on the other hand, harmonizes citrus and sandalwood perfectly for a sweeter scent. It is a prime candidate for individuals who prefer a more traditional take on cologne. The suggestion of fruit in Heritage’s mixture does not compromise your masculinity, and instead offers a lighter scent that is pleasant in close encounters.

Both concoctions are hand crafted and mixed with natural ingredients, which puts a little personality in every tin.

The Tobacco Rum cologne contains essential oils such as sandalwood and cedar that are pleasant to the senses. There is nothing overpowering about this fragrance, and serves as an accent for day to day wear.

However, Heritage’s citrus scent may come off as unappealing to some due to the fruity overtones within the cologne. Both products are expected to last between 5 and 7 hours, more than enough time to get through the average workday.

The tin is very small – roughly 2 inches long and 1.4 inches wide, which enables it to fit easily in the pocket of a suit or pair of jeans. Easily accessible, easy to store, no chance of leaks or spills due to the beeswax base.

Perfect for travel or on the go, O’Douds Solid Cologne is there when you need it, wherever you are.

6. Spruce Solid Cologne

Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid | 1oz | All-Natural...
The scent of a spruce forest on a summer’s day is an interesting play with deep and rich earthy tones and the high citrusy spices that dance in the wind.

Spruce Solid Cologne by Otter Wax is exactly this scent and a little more, contained in a convenient tin.

The cologne uses the essential oil from Douglas Fir and cedar wood trees as its base, and then adds orange and bergamot essential oils to draw out the woody tones of the wax and provide a unique balance to the fragrance’s palette.

What Spruce Solid Cologne does differently than other products is it features a slow fragrance release. Other colognes are strong at the start, and then fade out to a barely noticeable scent. Spruce Cologne does the opposite; it begins as a faint, barely-there fragrance and evolves into a pleasant aroma that hangs around for a few hours.

Otter Wax is driven to quality standards and all natural ingredients, which is why you won’t see animal fats of fillers in any of their products. Spruce Cologne is a perfect testament to that, and the rich scent within the tin is powerful enough to complement any man.

7. Stingray Bay Bay Rum Solid Cologne

Bay Rum Solid Fragrance
A stiff drink has been known to give a man confidence to do pretty much anything, and that confidence is perfectly captured within Bay Rum, a cologne by Stingray Bay. This cologne is reminiscent of spiced rum that’s been perfectly aged in a barrel, and it transfers perfectly to where you need it. The invigorating fragrance is pleasant to the senses, with notes of lemon, patchouli and cloves for a citrusy twist. The ingredients are 100% natural, and the star of the show is certainly the warm rum scent that lingers after you’ve put this cologne on. This fragrance is not overwhelmingly musky, instead preferring to go for a spicier approach that makes this scent hard to ignore. Great for all day wear in the office or just occasionally for dinner.

Stingray Bay Solid Cologne will last for 2-4 hours, depending on where you are and how much you apply. Since they have changed from a plastic cup to a solid tin, it’s even easier to carry around with you wherever you go. Now you can quickly freshen up in the bathroom, in your cubicle, or even on the street. Plus, this fragrance is incredibly affordable so you get more bang for your buck.

If you want to smell great and feel like a million dollars, the Stingray Bay solid cologne is a great choice for new and veteran cologne users. With soft, malleable wax that goes on smooth and lasts for hours, and a Bay Rum scent that people will find irresistible, this solid cologne is sure to have you coming back for more.

8. The Gambler Solid Cologne

The Gambler Bourbon-inspired Solid Cologne - The...
“The Gambler” Solid Cologne by Outlaw Soaps is exactly like Kenny Rogers sang it in 1979. It is that last drop of whiskey on a train bound for nowhere, musty back rooms with cigarette smoke lingering in the back. This is the kind of cologne that will put hair on your chest and back. It smells like soft leather, hard work, and the hint of tobacco to create the ultimate manly experience. It goes on extremely smooth and lasts for hours, leaving you with an irresistible scent for every occasion. The Gambler is a solid cologne, meaning it’s going to go exactly where you put it, unlike sprays that have the tendency to go everywhere. The cologne comes in an easy to carry tin, with a simply twist off lid for touch-ups on the go. Additionally, the one ounce tin can be carried discreetly within a coat pocket. The saying “a little goes a long way” applies to this product; a small amount will last you through dinner, but you may want to dab on a little extra for afterwards.

For those folks with sensitive skin, this is a fantastic product for you. It is made with natural ingredients like beeswax and cocoa butter which aids in keeping your skin soft and supple, and the addition of essential Vitamins A and E help maintain a healthy skin. What’s great about this product is that the traditional burn is absent in this solid cologne, unlike liquid fragrances where the burn is very noticeable. There are also very few downsides; the scent may appear to dissipate faster than other liquid fragrances, due to the how the product is applied. Despite this, “The Gambler” Solid Cologne is still a great choice for men (or women) who want to feel like they wrestle bears and hunt sharks in their spare time.

9. ulio&jack Drifter Solid Cologne

Drifter Men's Solid Cologne by ulio&jack .5oz...
Ulio&jack have come out with a solid cologne that is as rugged as you are. “Drifter” is a well-balanced scent that is reminiscent of a lone motorcycle ride under the moonlight.

This men’s fragrance is laced with sweet notes over spicy undertones, with hints of mandarin, cardamom, sandalwood, and clove.

There is also a hint of leather in the mix to draw out the masculinity within the wax. Applying the cologne is simple, and you don’t need to use a lot to get the results you want.

The small, easy to carry tin is perfect to stash in your jeans’ pocket. With its size, it can easily be carried onto airplanes without hassle, and is not likely to melt if kept in your pocket. It is no bigger than a tin of mints, but “Drifter” is much less palatable.

This cologne packs a lot of punch in a small package, and should last for several months depending on how often it is used. Besides a beeswax base, this product features shea butter – an additive that also acts as a moisturizer and natural sunblock.

The combined effects of jojoba oil ensure that the beeswax stands up to hotter temperatures, such as pockets, bags, and occasionally glove compartments.

The lasting power of the fragrance is between 2 – 4 hours, so it’ll definitely get you through any company dinner party. However, if you are looking for a strong scent, this is not it.

The smell is there, but it’s more like a suggestion than a statement. “Drifter” is best used to enhance your natural clean scent, boosting your appeal in a subtle way.

10. Walton Wood Farm Solid Cologne

Walton Wood Farm The Adventurer 2.5 Oz Men's Solid...
A cologne should be discovered, not announced. This is a philosophy held by the folks over at Walton Wood Farm when they released their “Adventurer” solid cologne.

It is lovingly handcrafted with all natural ingredients for a subtle suggestion on your body. Many colognes these days want to make a bold statement, and overcompensate with saturated scents and overwhelming fragrances.

Not here.

Not for you.

You are a man of class and statue, who prefers a cologne that whispers in the ears of those around you. This is a cologne that speaks without speaking.

It is an exceptionally subtle fragrance, and as such may not be very noticeable. It has a lasting power of about 2 -3 hours, depending on how much is applied. This is due to the fact that Walton Wood Farm products use 100% natural, farm grown ingredients instead of concentrated oils and manufactured scents.

Organic ingredients such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and shea butter are all added into the natural beeswax base to create a unique and pleasurable scent that is as subtle as it is enjoyable. Vitamin E is also added for additional skin softening goodness.

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