Best Silk Boxers For Men: Top 9 Brands Compared & Reviewed In 2019

Ahhh, the soft feel of silk.

While once the rage just like hairspray back in the early 90s, silk boxers subsided for several years as men often thought of them as too gaudy and not really functional whatsoever.

If you ask any guy walking down the street what their thoughts on silk boxers are, you would probably be looked at like you have 3 heads. But the general consensus is this:

  • Silk boxers are only worn by Finance/Wall Street guys (i.e. Gordon Gecko)
  • They are sticky
  • They trap heat making them uncomfortable when worn for long periods

But here’s the deal guys:

Silk boxers, when worn properly, might be one of the best additions to your wardrobe in recent years.

You see, when the mercury begins to rise and the heat gets a little too unbearable for the summer nights, even the fanciest of pajamas might not cut it.

Therefore, men often strip down to their constricting boxers or briefs and hit the sack.

Check this out:

Many of the silk boxers we outline below have larger inseams and outseams than your traditional boxers (i.e they won’t ride up and wrap up your balls).

Secondly, the leg opening is significantly larger making for increase airflow to your junk.

And lastly…

With their incredibly soft texture, to put it bluntly, these will feel incredible next to your manhood. Furthermore if you are in bed with your S.O., they will thank you for the added softness especially if you try to make a move.

Note: Now we aren’t saying that silk boxers can turbocharge your sex life, but lets just say that women (or men), will appreciate the added softness and wide openings for easy access.

So if you are on the fence about picking up a pair of silk boxers, we say give it a shot. Besides, if they aren’t that great you can always exercise the return policy if necessary (we really don’t think this will be the case though).

Without wasting a minute more here is a roundup of the finest silk boxers available for men today(sort in alphabetical order):

The Best Silk Boxers For Men Reviewed

1. Crimson Noir Checks Silk Boxers

Crimson Noir Checks Silk Boxers - Size XXL -...
These shorts are made from 100% Taffeta silk, meaning it has a crisper feel than regular woven silk boxers.

Instead of a slippery feel, these would be more akin to a cotton boxer, but without sacrificing the luxury or comfort of other silk shorts. These shorts feature a stretchy elastic waist and a single button fly for convenience and comfort, and the short outseam and inseam makes these a viable undergarment for every day wear.

The leg holes are wide, but they don’t cause issues with bunching or wrinkling. These boxer shorts are exceptionally easy to care for, as you can hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle to get the longest wear out of these boxer shorts.

2. Derek Rose Otis Printed Silk Boxer Shorts

100% silk boxer shorts are great gifts because they can be worn at any time, both daytime and at night.

They are comfortable and easy to wear, and many people prefer silk boxer shorts because of how soft they are.

These Derek Rose boxer shorts are full of beneficial features, from the wide leg holes to the very accessible fly. These shorts are equipped with an elastic waistband, making them easy to slip on and take off, and the fly features two waistband buttons to make it easier to open. The floral/dot pattern all over this pair of shorts is traditional and reserved, but still shows some personality. For all day or all night comfort, these silky boxer shorts are the way to go.

3. Geoffery Beene Men’s Silk Boxer Short

Geoffrey Beene Men's Silk Boxer Short, Grey, Large
These 100% silk shorts are very comfortable and easy to wear, with very little in the way of excess fabric.

They can be worn with long shorts or under pants, without causing too much bunching anywhere. The legs hang straight, and don’t irritate or cause chafing on the inner thigh, which makes these shorts fantastic for daily wear.

These Geoffery Beene boxers have a short inseam, but a longer outseam, which gives you a little extra room in the front and the back to move around. The elastic waist is comfortable, and doesn’t pinch or slide. A single button through the fly holds it closed, but is easily released whenever you need. They are a little thin, and they run a little small, but overall these are a great boxer for sleeping in, or for daily wear.

4. Majestic International Cypress Silk Boxers

These silk boxers by Majestic International are handsomely crafted, and are exceptionally comfortable to wear.

They are made from 100% silk, meaning they are a little slippery, but otherwise very lightweight while being worn. The elastic band helps keep the boxers up without being constricting or pinching in any way, and the wide leg holes maintain a wide breadth of motion so you don’t feel constricted while walking around. These shorts can be used as day wear or for sleeping attire, as they do not ride up while wearing.

The single button on the fly is great for opening and closing the fly without too much hassle. These shorts fit true to size, and are available up to a 46 inch waist (XXL).

5. Men’s Modern Fit Boxer Shorts

The boxer short gets an overhaul with these redesigned men’s shorts. Traditionally, boxer shorts of this type would bunch and get tangled, but because these boxer shorts have less material in the back, the bunching is reduced to a minimum.

The seam is flat and does not wrinkle, and the leg holes are wide and straight, which allows them to hang down comfortably without rubbing against your legs. The result is a fantastic wearing experience for you, and comfort that lasts all day long.

They are rather short in the inseam, but it should not cause too many problems for most men. These shorts are roomy, but not too roomy, and they definitely aren’t too tight anywhere.

6. Olaf Benz Boxershorts Black Silk Underwear

Olaf Benz Boxershorts PEARL1571 Underwear Black...
Silk boxer shorts are a luxury to wear both in bed and around town, but finding a pair that works for you can be a little tricky.

These silk boxer shorts are made from 100% silk, and come in a cool black color that goes well with any outfit. The waistband is elastic, and stays up without feeling constricting, and the leg holes are nice and loose, which ensures that your movement won’t be restricted. The buttons on the waistband make opening the front extremely easy, and they don’t interfere with wearing the product.

The boxer short is a casual cut, easy to wear, and easy to wash. Enjoy the soft and silky feeling of these every day boxers.

7. Qianya Pure Silk Boxer Briefs

Qianya Men's Silk Underwear Boxer Silk Briefs 100%...
These boxer briefs are comfortable and luxurious, suitable for both sleepwear as well as for every day wear.

They are made of 100% silk knit, a soft and silky feeling material that gently hugs your form and feels light as a feather.

Wearing these boxer briefs may just make you feel like you are sitting in the lap of luxury. They have a length of 12-13 inches from the waistband, and come in sizes small to extra-large. The small fits waists up to 32 inches, while the extra large fits up to a 39 inch waist. Unfortunately, these particular boxer briefs only come in two colors, blue and gray, but the rather standard color choices should not adversely affect the fit.

8. Robert Graham Men’s Sira Silk Boxer Short

Robert Graham Sira Silk Men's Boxer Short, Royal...
These boxers are silky soft and handsomely detailed. This boxer short features a hidden fly and wide leg holes to encourage natural movement, and the elastic waistband is comfortable and non-constricting.

The colorful geometric print is stylish and fun, perfect for sleeping in. The inner fly features a “knowledge wisdom truth” signature label, a designer touch on these exceptionally handsome boxer shorts. As for fit, these boxers feature a 3 and a half inch inseam, which is a little short by some men’s standards, but it doesn’t ride up nor does it slip down. The result is a comfortable fit all over for day or night time use.

9. TexereSilk Men’s 100% Silk Boxer Shorts

TexereSilk Men's 100% Silk Boxers (Country Club,...
These roomy silk boxers are a great choice for sleeping in. This is a generously cut boxer short with material to spare around the legs and rear.

This makes it a great day wear as well as night wear short, because of the room it has around the legs. The waistband is a comfortable fit, and the silk around the waist doesn’t cause slipping up or down.

The fly is hidden, and has a single button closure to keep everything inside your boxer shorts. These shorts are very roomy, but they are also very long, with a lot of material around the legs and rear.

This could cause bunching, and you probably cannot wear shorts with these boxers underneath. The length is the biggest issue with these shorts, but they are otherwise extraordinarily comfortable to wear.

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